Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top 10 Programming T-Shirts That Don't Make Sense

mind.location = unknown
I wonder what the value of the variable unknown is?


What is import_soul?  It's written as a keyword.  If it were a function it should be import_soul(), however the keywords for this shirt include "python" which makes me thinking they meant import soul.

Function Check_Drunk()
Where do I begin with this one... drink is treated as a global variable but never declared globally.  Then there's the awesome conditional if "bra = true" which will always return true because a single = is assignment not evaluation.  Lastly, none of the functions are ever called, they're just declarations of.

Programmers Cool Club
No comment needed.

.ninja { color: black; }
This one's amusing and almost worth getting, but the behavior of visibility: hidden; is such that it keeps screen space allocated for the element and simply does not render it.  I personally believe a true ninja would { display: none; }.

Geek Power
No geek would ever intentionally rip the cord to their keyboard like that

Computers are Only Human
Apparently I didn't get that memo.

Aside from using the vendor-specific "TOP 25" (MS SQL), the comment at the bottom brings to light the poor execution of this SQL:  It should be sorted DESCENDING

Do You Speak Code

There's No Crying in Programming


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