Monday, November 30, 2009

MarkEdit Documentation

For those interested, I finished the preliminary documentation and sample code for MarkEdit. It can be viewed via the Bitbucket Wiki.

The documentation includes...

  • Installation
  • Sample code
  • Complete API reference
  • Complete configuration option reference



Hey there! Just wanted to say that I recently ran across this, and I'm about to start testing it for use as a blog comment entry system for a website project I'm currently working on. I want folks to be able to do a few things easily, but not offer a full WYSIWYG editor, WMD seemed like a great option, but I'm running into AJAX issues.

At any rate, I was just curious how much further browser testing you had done. I just need it to be compatible with IE7+, Firefox, and Safari (latest versions on the last two), so IE 6 support isn't paramount.

Thanks for your time and effort on this, and I'm sure posting it on a few Stack Overflow WMD-related threads would gain a lot of exposure if you're ready for that level of use.


@Riley -- Right now the core functionality of getting and setting selected text is really bugged in Internet Explorer (no surprise here). Once that is fixed MarkEdit should be at least "mostly usable" in all major browsers. MarkEdit is still only 2 weeks old, and I'm sure it has a lot of maturing yet to do.

I certainly welcome testing as it's impossible for me to use MarkEdit in every context possible. Please feel free to add any issues you find on the MarkEdit issue tracker.


As of commit #40 (December 02, 2009), MarkEdit should be functional in IE, save for a few small bugs, which are being worked on.

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